Let me take you back, and to the future

Back in the day, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, but the world was not ready for it. There are many wallets called 'zombie wallets' that are being excluded from the network due to lost keys and bitcoins. However, Nakamoto's futuristic thinking has stood the test of time. The main advantage of Reversed Bitcoin is that we increase the supply in the exact opposite way Nakamoto did. Rewards will start from the minimum and increase after each 2 years have passed, as we use a 300-second block time, which is twice as quick as BTC. After the first two years, there will be around 40,000 RVB. This way, we can create demand first, and the newly created RVB can be introduced to the market without any issues. Reversed Bitcoin is Hard Capped at 21,000,000, just like Bitcoin, and that was one of the best decisions Nakamoto made. Start your journey today!